Paesina Stone




This stone is one of the rarest of stone being formed over 50 milion years. During this period of oxiding and formation, chemical and structured transformations have given the stone its fascinating and exclusive shades of colors with wonderful landscapes enclosed inside it.

Traces of Manganese have formed the “bush – like” shapes: this stone is believed to be curative and have home protection powers. Its dominant star is the moon, and the water is its element. The shapes and figures have evolved during the process of the transformation over 50 milion years and have been impregnated (due to humidity), by ferrous compound found in the limestones.
Stones selected to create jewellery have been found in the our appennines mountain.
Each item is an exclusive work of art, known as the “paesina style” guaranteed to provide a quality unsurpassed in its unique presentation.

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